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In order to achieve the dual-carbon goal of plastic ban has been fully launched in our lives, you will find that disposable plastic products and packaging products have been reduced a lot; biodegradable, light and degradation, biodegradation, physical degradation, there are a lot of names related to environmental protection, such as landfill degradation, but have you noticed that these names still have to be followed by the word plastic. In plain words, it is still plastic, it is just some non-plastic material added to the plastic, its degradation is to be in a certain temperature, a certain humidity, a certain pressure, a certain landfill time to begin to decompose, note that is decomposition but not degradation, the final decomposition to that extent or so-called degradation to that extent remains to be determined, and whether it is truly environmentally friendly remains to be determined. You will find that a lot of biodegradable materials do not play the environmental protection mark, why? ! It’s easy, because it’s not eco-friendly. It’s plastic. It is only paper that is pure degradation. Please note the term “Pure degradation”.

How to turn a large roll of paper into a bag has become the focus of the market. We have gone through three years, using paper bags instead of plastic bags has been developed successfully: Honeycomb Paper Rolling and winding machine, honeycomb paper core cushion express delivery envelope bag-making machine (abbreviated as: Honeycomb paper envelope-making machine) , pressure bubble paper forming machine, pressure bubble paper compound machine, bubble wrap cushioning express mail envelope bag-making machine (abbreviation: Bubble paper envelope-making machine) , corrugated paper cushioning mailer envelope bag-making machine (abbreviation: corrugated envelope-making machine) , kraft Paper bottom gusset envelope bag-making machine (abbreviation: Kraft Paper bottom gusset envelope bag-making machine) and other patented products. In order to let you know more clearly how these machines made bags instead of plastic bags, the following is targeted to explain one by one to you.

honeycomb making machine

honeycomb paper mailer machine

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