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Recycling Pelletizing Line

Recycling Pelletizing Line
Recycling Machine
Washing Machine
Product Description:recycling Pelletizing Line

Product Description

General description:

This kind of pelletizing recycling line is mainly applied to recycle and pelletize PE/PP Scraps, bags, film and others, it has features of novel design, lower power consumption, higher output, running stable, easy operation and maintain.

Input material:

PE/PP film, bags and others plastic scrap; no oil contamination, no metal and sundries. ( if the buyer need metal detector, please advise the seller)

Total output: 120-150kg/hour

Ambient condition:

1. Indoor

2. No electric dangerous area

3. No condensation;

4. Temperature:0-50℃

Service condition:

1. Electric power supply: Customized

2. Water requirement: Cooling water (it is better to buy water chiller for this plant, the water chiller will be 10HP required )

Process flow chart

Convey feeder→SJ85/30 Extruding machine→Die-head and High speed screen exchanger→Water ring pelletizing machine→Dewater machine→Vibrator sieve →Air conveying Blower →silo


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