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Shopping Bag Making Machine (2 Lanes)

carrier bag making machine
plastic bag making machine
supermark packaging bag machine
Product description:High-speed Full Auto Double-line Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine with two servo motors YASKAWA (two units)

Product Description

FC1000H High-speed Full Auto Double-line Plastic T-shirt Bag Making Machine with two servo motors YASKAWA (two units)

This machine is suitable for producing T-shirt shopping bag at high speed automatically.


1. Overall computer control

2. Equipped with two unwinder stations.

3. With auto pneumatic cylinders to load the roll materials

4. Separate inverters to control the unwinder rolls so that the unwinder roll films move

very smoothly.

5. Two lines to seal, cut and punch the bags automatically.

6. With two photocells to track the color

7. Equipped with the two auto punchers.

8. Anti-static bar, auto alarm and auto counter meter

9. Auto delivery belt to collect the bags.

10. Equipped with two panasonic servo motors.

11. Auto folding the bags in half after finishing.

12. Auto delivery out the waste edges from the machine.

Main technical parameters:

Max.Width of bag 400mm

Min.Width of bag 200mm

Max.Length of bag 600mm

Min.Length of bag 320mm

Materials to be used HDPE

Sealing thickness 0.01-0.05mm each layer

Output capacity 200pcs/min*2 lines

Method of the bag making Hot-cutting and hot-sealing

Total power 10kw

Air pressure required Machine 10HP

Dimension(L*W*H) 7000×1600×1800mm

Weight 2200kg

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