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800BFS Fully Automatic Wicketer Bag Making Machine

wicket bag making machine
bread bag making machine
opp bag making machine
plastic bag making machine
Product description:800BFS Fully automatic Wicketer bag making machine

Product Description

800BFS Fully automatic Wicketer bag making machine


suitable side sealing .HDPE,LDPE,CPP,OPP

The head control panel adopts Taiwan eview 5.7” multi-coloured touch human-computer interface real-time display.

The drive system of whole machine adopt PLC control Japan-panasonic

Feeding material adopts servo motor from Japanese yaskawa, power 4.4KW(the whole model is two axles synchronous drag material)

Main motor is 1.5KW inverter motor with brake, and be with 1.5KW inverter use yaskawa from Japan.

The take-up of back feeding is 0.75kw 3phases asynchronous motor, with 0.75kw inverter used YASKAWA FROM JAPAN

Heating adopts double-digital display temperature controller

All of the pneumatic unit and cylinders adopt Shanko from Taiwan

with bottom gusset device ,simple to operate

10. Automatic collect waste film of punch

11. Automatic corona treater device

12. EPC control system from folding ,rewinding and hole puncher.

Technical Variable:

Type : CW-800 BFS

Suitfor material: HDPE,LDPE or PP plastic film

Flow direction: from left to right

The width size of film from unwinding: 750mm(after fold),

Triangle folding max: 1500mm(before fold)

The height (sealing width) of bag: 350-750mm

Width of bag making: 100-350mm

Tracking precision : ±0.08

Bottom-inserted edge: 30-60mm

Thickness of film : 0.03-0.055 mm

Feeding speed: 70m/min

Speed of machine cutting        270 pcs/min

Max Bag making speed for normal bread bag 250pcs/min

Stable Bag making speed for square bottom bread bag 160pcs/min

Power : about 17.4 kw

Working noise: about 80db

Machine dimension: 8000x2800x1950 mm

Weight: 2400 kg

Air compressor (not include): 7.56HP

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